Pro Trigger Release

Fish Hook Remover
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Retrieve a hook that is completely swallowed by a fish without ever touching the fish!
If You Buy 2 You Get One Free!

Kids Releasing fish

 More fishing for everyone! Kids can learn to take off their own fish.

Moms don't have to touch the fish

 Clean Hands & Happy Moms!

Great For Ice Fishing

Remove the hook with your gloves on

Pro Trigger Release

Release a hook that has been completely swallowed by the fish without touching the fish.


Fish Hook Remover

The Pro Trigger Release is a great tool for both beginner and experienced fisherman. The Pro Trigger Release is compact in size, rust proof, and resistant to the elements. These features will allow you to continue removing the deepest set hooks with your Pro Trigger Release for years to come. The Pro Trigger Release is safe, easy, and fun to use allowing you to improve the survival  rate of caught fish!

3 Steps 

The Pro Trigger Release Fish Hook Remover has three easy steps! The quickness and ease of this tool gets you back to fishing, instead of struggling with the fish or your tackle. Check out the video under the “Demonstration” tab!

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