We are small family-run business, with a commitment to promoting an American-made product.  We appreciate this opportunity to share our proudly made and assembled in America  product with you.

It is my pleasure to inform you that this is a product that will enhance your fishing experiences and promote the concept of catch and release fishing! With the ability The Pro Trigger Release Fish Hook Remover to retrieve even the deepest set hook, you will soon find yourself fine tuning your techniques to a smaller, yet more aggressive, presentation!


Joseph W. Biel

Pro Trigger Release Fish Hook Remover In Action

Mom will you please take this fish off my hook


A four season tool designed for the serious angler

Technical aspects of the Pro Trigger Release

Invented by a love for fishing

Invented  many years ago by a passion for fishing and a desire to preserve all the fish that were caught.  I saw a need for a better tool to ensure that a fish could be released with a higher success rate of living.  So I went to work on designing a tool that would do just that.


I'm happy to say that we designed, built all the tooling. The injection molding process happens here in America.  We, as a small business, assemble it and ship it directly to you. 


From my family to yours I hope this, tool makes your fishing experience more enjoyable for everyone, even the fish!