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  • Can you retrieve the hook that is so far down the fish's throat you cannot even see it?
    Yes: The closed loop system captures the hook and guides it to the correct location even if you cannot see a completely engulfed hook simply feed it down the fish's throat until the line is snug while holding the line at that point simply squeeze the trigger for a quick and clean release.
  • Will the spring and screws ever rust?
    No: The spring is zinc coated and the screws are stainless steel.
  • Is the plastic strong enough to get the deep-set hooks out?
    Yes: As the trigger is squeezed to dislodge the hook the loop becomes progressively shorter and gains strength as pressure is applied more importantly unlike a sharper rigid metal product the use of plastic allows flexibility to create a custom fit around each hook virtually eliminating the damage to your line and terminal tackle!
  • Can you use the product on treble hooks?
    No the tool is meant for single hook applications.
  • Does the product float?
    No, however you can attach it to a marine keychain and the product will remain floating for your retrieval.
  • Can the product be used on larger hooks?
    Yes: Although in my experience the hook size range is most effective in the number 4 to your tiniest presentations. It is a great product geared towards your finesse presentations where the chances of the fish completely engulfing the hook is most likely and most difficult to retrieve!
  • Does heat or cold affect its operation?
    No, the plastic used in it’s production makes it resistant to heat and cold. This makes the Pro Trigger Release and ideal tool for either hot summertime fishing or extreme cold ice fishing conditions!
  • Must you use the product in catch-and-release situations only?
    No: Along with a quick clean release the Pro Trigger Release has great features that virtually eliminate line and terminal tackle damage while incorporating safety features guarding against razor sharp hooks.
  • What kind of fish can I use the Pro Trigger Release on?
    The Pro Trigger Release can be used on any size fish. It is an ideal tool for any species fish; including Panfish, Bass, Walleye, and Trout which are all likely to swallow the hook. Also great for ice fishing, allowing you to release the fish while never removing your gloves! Fly fisherman can protect their valuable hand-tied flies, while never taking the fish out of the water. The Pro Trigger Release is truly a valuable tool when fishing with young angelers, who we are frequently retrieving those deep-set hooks for!
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